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“Our Little Towns”


Hello everyone, Ryan (and Steven) this time at the mic (Michael was out filming his Hollywood debut, Sleep: A Political Commentary) - today, we’d like to take you back to locations near and dear to many railroads; their little towns.


New Releases


Two new destinations join the timetable today; Waterbury, CT and Adrianville, MI. Waterbury (known to some as Dirty Water) is a rusting hulk of an industrial center with various industries limping on their last leg. Complete with a small yard in the center with locomotive servicing facilities. Lying much further west, Adrianville, MI is the polar opposite - shimmering with opportunity thanks to the local bucolic railroad museum. Both routes provide exotic, ample operations and abundant storytelling ability. 


Brandon R. brings two new E8/9 packs to the table: War-torn N&W E8s, still adorned in the Wabash's blue scheme (talk about a true fallen flag). Alongside some spiffy CB&Q E8s and E9s, right at home burning the wind through the Iowa countryside. 


What’s Coming Next?


Our next project is a big one; one that departs from the preconceived notions of realism. Something creative, dare I say.


-Ryan L. and Steven O.



“Mr. Blue Sky, please tell us why?”


Hello everybody my name is Shortline614 and we are proud to release our mid-month content dump for Track 29! This content dump is composed of content that was supposed to be released during our last content dump, but wasn’t quite ready yet. We wanted to take our time to get them right instead of rushing them to release, so here we are. Let’s jump in shall we?


Site Updates


We now have a domain name! This means people can now find us on google and other search engines. Hopefully this allows more people to download our content. Please share our site around so it can be listed on the top of google. Thanks!


New Releases


After several months of hard work, Ryan L has delivered the (Mr.) Big Sky Blue pack to use! We know a lot of people have been looking forward to this pack, and we are very glad y’all can finally get your hands on it. The pack features a plethora of content including 6-5-3, 7-4-3, and 16-4 sleepers; ex-UP 44 seat, 48 seat, and 60 seat coaches; coffee shop and diner cars; dome and lounge cars; and baggage dorm and mail storage cars, all decked out in Great Northern’s beautiful late-60s “Big Sky Blue” scheme. Also included are the 1967-1969 Summer Empire Builder consists so one doesn’t have to fumble around for 10 minus to get an accurate consist.


Big Sky Blue is a very interesting part of GN’s history. In the late 60s, there was immense uncertainty over whether or not the Burlington Northern merger would be approved. In order to plan for a future without BN, GN updated it’s classic image to a modern, black, blue, and white scheme featuring a simplified version of it’s mountain goat mascot Rocky. In the end, BN was approved, and Big Sky Blue only lasted a scant three years. More information can be found here:


What’s Coming Next?


To celebrate the release of the BSB pack, we will be holding a competition on our discord server to see who can use the pack in the most creative way. We also plan on releasing a BSB music video over on our YouTube channel to celebrate, so expect that in the coming weeks. Of course, stay tuned for future content dumps.





“A Wee Little Update”

Hello everybody my name is Shortline614 and I have a small little update for y'all. We have a YouTube channel now! We will be releasing teasers for our large projects and perhaps a few small projects as well. Please go subscribe!



“Ridin’ Around in my Cadillac”

Hello everybody my name is Shortline614 and welcome back to Track 29. We’ve been online for about a month now and it’s been a great ride so far. The reception we have received has been overwhelmingly positive and I thank everyone for that.

Over on the discord server we hosted a screenshot competition to see what image would make it on to the site. Spoiler - everyone one! Yea, we are still trying to figure out how this “public relations” thing works.


Anyways, now for the updates.


Site Changes


When we first launched Track 29, we did what was absolutely necessary to have a functioning site. There was no flavor, no pizzazz. It looked like the site was under construction, which in many ways it was. Now we’ve fixed that. 


Our home page now features a short introduction to our site, a list of new releases, and some screenshots to give people an idea of what kind of content to expect. Far better than just a simple blank page don’t you think?


If you head on over to the locomotives page, you will notice we have the replaced railroad names with railroad logos. If you want to see the Frisco locomotives, just click on the Frisco logo! We’ve also added brief descriptions of each railroad to provide a bit of context to what you're downloading. 


We hope these site changes provide for a more pleasant and immersive experience. 


New Releases


“Ridin’ Around in my Cadillac” is not just a reference to a Johnny Cash song, but to the venerable SD9. They were nicknamed “Cadillacs” by crews for their smooth ride. The SD9 features prominently in this content dump, with two packs.


First up is myself with the Chicago & North Western/Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern SD9 pack! It features the as-built SD9s, the 1971 chop-nose “Oelwein Rebuilds,” and patches for spin-off Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern. I am new to reskinning and this was my first “major” project, so don’t expect these to be all that amazing. I am open to feedback which can be sent to me over discord.


Second up is Nathaniel with more SD9s! His first release is Penn Central #6900, an ex-Pennsylvania SD9 used in hump yard service. The special thing about #6900 was that it sported a bizarre version of the standard Penn Central scheme with only a logo and a white stripe on the frame. His second release are fictional SD9s for the New Haven. The New Haven never rostered SD9s, but hey, everything looks good in McGinnis! Well, almost everything. Looking at you Lionel with your Acela…


Third up is Mad James with yet another consist pack. This time the Shortline Consist Pack. Perfect for when you want to run a short train down a dilapidated branch line but don’t want to spend ten minutes putting cars down. Thanks Mad James for saving us our time and our sanity…


Fourth up is Coota, with a “realistic” version of everyone's “favorite” Clinchfield 311, as seen in See No Evil, a Halloween special about a freight train crew and a mill owner with a shotgun! When we first made this site we agreed that all joke content would be hidden inside serious packs, but for some reason Ryan wanted to release this as its own thing. Fun fact - it was real! The Clinchfield did indeed roster 2-8-0s in the 300 number range.


What's Coming Next?


We did have more projects, both large and small, that we planned to release this content  dump. Unfortunately, due to not getting release perms in time, or the content simply not being ready in time, we weren't able to release them now. We are planning a mid-month update for a lot of this content so stay tuned for that. Teasers for future content can be seen in our discord server. We have plenty of content that we believe will be a big hit with people and can’t wait to release them.




"Now Departing From Track 29..."


Hello everybody my name is Shortline614 and let me be the first one to welcome you to Track 29. You might have several questions right now, but those will be answered below. Let me be the first to say we are super excited for this wondrous journey we are about to embark on. A lot of hard work and dedication have gone into this and it's so satisfying to see it come to fruition. To quote Apollo 14 Commander Alan Shepard as he stepped out on the moon, “It’s been a long way, but we’re here.” But enough of that, let’s get into what this site is all about:


So what is Track 29 and why did we create it?


Track 29 is the creation of a small group of close-knit friends who became fed up with the overall state of Trainz content creation. We noticed that there were three very prevalent extremes in the community:


The first extreme are those who gatekeep content or it’s creation. We’ve all come across people who produce uber-expensive packs that only contain one or two locomotives; flex private models that none of us can ever possibly acquire; and closely guard how to reskin a simple freeware model as if it were a state secret. 


The second extreme are those who mass produce mediocre content but pass it off as the opposite. We’ve all downloaded a megapack of what we initially thought was quality content only to find out it was a series of shoddily-made reskins of some ancient models from Trainz 2004…


The third extreme are those who belittle others’ content for “not being good enough.” The most prevalent type of person in this extreme is the classic rivet counter, who will belittle your reskin you put so much time and effort into for not having every single little detail absolutely correct… There are also those who mock people who make otherwise good content simply because it isn’t to their “superior” tastes.


This, combined with the fact a few of us were looking for sites to host our content, led to the creation of this site. We don’t seek to gatekeep, produce mediocre content, be a rivet counter, or belittle those who otherwise produce quality content that isn’t to our tastes. We seek to provide an open and inclusive place for content to be created, as long it is of quality.


So what types of content can I expect from Track 29?


While our website is themed around the late, great post-war American passenger train, you can expect a wide variety of content from us. From reskins to routes, models to modules, and everything in between. The one consistency is quality.


We have two types of projects which we loosely classify into “large” and “small.” 


“Large” projects tend to be a route or a pack revolving around a central theme, such as a specific railroad or passenger train. They tend to be worked on by multiple people; although, there are some large projects in the works which are solo ventures. Large projects will get their own independent release dates and promo videos over on our YouTube channel.


“Small” projects are just that, small. It can be a small pack of locomotives or freight cars, typically worked on by a single person. They will be released in what we call “content dumps” which occur on the first Saturday of every month. Most content we will release will be these small projects.


In the future we also plan to make in-depth tutorials for aspects of content creation, such as reskining and kitbashing, although don’t expect those for a while.


So what content is coming out on day one?


So what content is coming out on day one? A lot, actually.


Ryan L is first up with two previously-released modules. Conjunction Junction attempts to recreate the setting of the famous Schoolhouse Rock song - perfect for simulating interchange between a plethora of railroads. The Key West Module is more meant to capture the feel of Henry Flager’s famous folly rather than be a one-to-one recreation, but has a great atmosphere that will lure in anybody. A pack of Railway Express Agency express boxcars will really help to pad out any declining passenger train.


Second is Brandon R (NKP Studios), who has gracefully made three E8 content packs for you to enjoy - Penn Central, Seaboard Coast Line, and St. Louis-San Francisco - perfect for heading up any mid-to-late 60s crumbling passenger service. The 100 Acre Woods Module is perfect for recreating scenes of 70s midwestern railroading. An interchange between a bankrupt class I and an equally cash-strapped shortline is the main focus with a small passenger station providing a stop for a soon to be discontinued passenger train.


New York Central Nut is third in line for content. A recreation of Amtrak E8 #4316, the famous “day one scheme” unit, is perfect for any a-day screenshots. Avalice National Petroleum Co. tankcars (Which may or may not be a reference to a certain woman sonic game…) might look a bit out of place with their pixel art logo, but hey they are quality enough to release! Lastly VIA Rail Superliners provide a nice touch of alternate history to our day one lineup.


Jackboy317’s content is a lot more whimsical than the others. A recreation of the red rocks level from the classic PC game Loco Mania is his day one contribution. Perfect for when you want to run a train but not on any serious route.


Bringing up the rear is Mad James, a former CLSW member and overall great guy. He is delivering to us two steam era freight car packs - one contains a series of generic freight cars while the other contains coal hoppers. Perfect for any route centered around those ever present black diamonds…


So where can I talk to y’all?


We have a discord server ( where we put out teasers for future content. We have channels where you can give us ever-important feedback on our content and even suggest future content. Resources for people to make their own content are also catalogue here.


We also hold events such as “route build saturdays” where we all go into a voice call and build routes together. Contests such as screenshot and reskin competitions will be held with prizes awarded to the winner. There are also periodic voice calls that allow us to catch up with the community and talk trains.


In Conclusion…


Welcome to Track 29! I apologize for our introductory update being so long. Future updates will be shorter, I hope… We hope you enjoy our content as much as we enjoyed making it. Hope you come along for the ride!



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