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Routes & Destinations

Conjunction Junction
Made by: Ryan L.

2021-09-29 224751.jpg

Conjunction Junction is a ~3 baseboard route designed with merging in mind. From the hit song by Schoolhouse Rock, Conjunction Junction provides one with a multitude of tracks and expansion opportunities.

Key West "Module"
Made by: Ryan L.

2021-09-29 230932.jpg

The Key West "Module" represents a whimsical time in which railroads spanned oceans. This route is a "protolance" of the Florida East Coast's Key West Extension. This originally started as a module to be merged onto a modular route that never happened, hence why there's quotations around the term "module" (in fact, it's our biggest route). This route is old and uses a lot of speed trees. It is due for update soon (maybe).

Waterbury (Dirty Water)
Made by: Ryan L. and Shortline614

2022-02-15 222437.jpg

A representation of Waterbury, CT - explore derelict stub tracks and service a grand total of five remaining industries left in this Rust Belt creation.

100 Acre Wood 
Made by: Brandon R.

2021-09-30 225243.jpg

Back to the ways of Christopher Robin. A ~6 baseboard route depicting suburbia with a decrepit switching yard for you to play around in. Perfect for Penn Central, the Grand Trunk, or any other Rust Belt Railroad you can think of. 

Adrianville (Raisinville Railroad Museum)
Made by: Brandon R.

2022-02-15 221551.jpg

As seen in both music videos, Brandon R. (Nickel Plate Studios) brings you the museum itself! Tucked away in small town Michigan, this museum module provides all of the fun of 21st Century Preservation.

Indian Valley Railroad
Made by: Mad James


The Indian Valley Railroad - a staple of the hit 1990s children's television show Shining Time Station. Mad James recreates a portion of the line from Buttertown to Muffle Mountain via Shining Time in this dynamic release!

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