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Penn Central E8s
Made by: Brandon R.

2021-09-28 220918.jpg

The backbone of Penn Central's passenger operations. This pack features four of their E8s, even including one with the elusive "Red P". Original model by Magicland.

Norfolk & Western Ex-Wabash E8s
Made by: Brandon R.

2022-02-15 201224.jpg

Often forgotten in the many discussions of merger, the N&W's takeover of the Wabash found the N&W acquiring several former Wabash E8s, as represented here in this two pack. Original model by Magicland.

GECX SD9 (Fictional)
Made by: Doobear320

2021-09-28 221034.jpg

An interesting fictional concept representing if General Electric bought an Electro-Motive-Division SD9. Original model found on Subpar Trainz.

Seaboard Coast Line E8s
Made by: Brandon R.

E8 promo.png

The Seaboard Coast Line, route of sunshine, oranges, and Florida Man. This pack lets you relive a time before Amtrak's tacky patches and deferred repair, and allows one to step back in time to hot and humid summer nights on the Florida peninsula. Original model by Magicland. 

Amtrak SDP40Fs
Made by: New York Central Nut and Cota

2021-11-21 201008.jpg

The flagship of early Amtrak trains - originally a Danny Beck model converted and modified.

Clinchfield Railroad H-4 2-8-0 #311
Made by: Cota

2021-11-06 205624.jpg

We all know the famous YouTube creepypasta, the 4-8-2 #311. Little do most know, Clinchfield #311 was real, although it was a 2-8-0. Classified an H-4, it was originally built by Baldwin in 1909, #311 worked gallantly for the Clinchfield until her scrapping in December 1951. Original Model by Subpar Trainz.

D&H/DL/Guildford/LV C420s
Made by: Vlad1917

2022-08-15 230436.jpg

"It has wheels - I'll give them that" - Coota/Cota260. ALCO's C420 was an eleventh hour contribution to the great horsepower race of the 1950s and 60s. Included in this pack is quite the collection - from dying coal roads to Timothy Mellon's Wild Ride, Vlad197 brings us his C420 Megapack. Original models by Crazytrain with thanks to Southern1581 for his ditchlight mesh. Please use this link to find the engine sounds. 

New York Central/Penn Central/Conrail Patch GP40s
Made by: Vlad1917

GP40 Pack.png

One of the most widely produced EMD's, the GP40 is a fan favorite amongst railfans. With the extremely successful EMD 645 prime mover, these units could and would do anything. This pack includes New York Central, Penn Central, and Conrail Patch. Original models by Norfolksouthern37 and therock (JointedRail). Please use this link to access the hornsound.

Reading/Conrail Patch GP40-2s
Made by: Vlad1917

2022-11-12 222143.jpg

While it's not too different from the original, the GP40-2 is still a fan favorite and very reliable locomotive. From fast freights to heavy coal drags, the GP40-2's are the perfect all-rounder locomotive. This pack includes Reading and Conrail Patch. Original models by Norfolksouthern37 and therock (JointedRail).

Grand Trunk SDP40Fs (Fictional)
Made by: Brandon R.

2022-12-25 003528.jpg

Grand Trunk's whimsical, fictitious cowl units. Brandon R. presents an alternate reality where Michigan's great trunk route orders these ill-fated units. Original model by Danny Beck, converted to Trainz by Cota. 

Penn Central SD9 #6900
Made by: Nathaniel


Yes, this was real. According to our sources, it was used in hump yard service sporting this... wacky version of Penn Central's iconic paint scheme. Original Model by Subpar Trainz.

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy E8/9s
Made by: Brandon R.


The other end of the Zephyr, the Q's silver streaks powered their top link passenger trains all the way into Amtrak. Some even wore Amtrak patches. Original model by Magicland.

Frisco E7/8s
Made by: Brandon R.

2021-09-28 221856.jpg

Often overlooked, the St. Louis San Francisco (Frisco)'s distinct E units. Following the Frisco's discontinuation of passenger services in 1967, many of these units would straggle on in any sort of random service the yard office could find. At one point, a few led the Barnum and Bailey Circus Train. The units in these pack are represented in the "early" scheme, with railfans dubbing them "Redbirds". Original model by Magicland.  

Chicago & North Western/Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern SD9s
Made by: Shortline614

CNW SD9 Showcase Photo.png

The Chicago & North Western's venerable fleet of SD9s served the railroad's vast branch line network well for over 30 years. They then sound a second life as backbone of regional powerhouse Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern's roster well into the millennium. Now you can recreate 40 years of service with the C&NW/DM&E SD9 pack from Track 29! Original Model by Subpar Trainz - Reskins by Shortline614.

Amtrak E8 #4316
Made by: New York Central Nut


It all started with one - originally a Magicland modification with bogies from Jacksonbarno - found on the IC E8 pack from Trainz Forge.

New Haven SD9s (Fictional)
Made by: Nathaniel


FL9s, Patrick McGinnis, and passenger trains named after famous old people - The New York, New Haven & Hartford. Nathaniel gives us insight to if the New Haven were to purchase EMD SD9s. Original model by Subpar Trainz.

Indian Valley Railroad Steam Locomotive Megapack
Made by: ThatMLWFan

2022-10-02 204213.jpg

A steam holdout, the Indian Valley rostered a variety of unique iron horses characterized by their high-headlights and painted fittings. Original models by Subpar Trainz.

Penn Central/Conrail Patch/Conrail U33Cs
Made by: Vlad1917

U33C Pack.png

While not the most produced GE U-boat, the U33C was nothing to scoff at. Equipped with the tried and proven 7FDL16, the U33C was a powerhouse at 3300 hp. This Pack includes Penn Central, Conrail Patch (PC Spec), and Conrail Blue (PC Spec). Original Model by Norfolksouthern37 (JointedRail).

Erie Lackawanna E8s
Made by: Nathaniel

E8 thumbnail.png

Erie Lackawanna's E8s are perhaps unique in that they made a last stand until the mid-1970s in freight service! Original model by Josh Harvey. 

Polar Flats & Southern #1221
Made by: Cota

PF&S 1221.png

If you know, you know. Original model by Subpar Trainz with original kitbashing done by the fine folks over at High Desert Trainz. PF&S is an idea created by Mad James. Requires enginesound from here. (Special thanks to Jacc630 (ALW) for allowing use of his whistle). 

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