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Freight/Express Stock

Railway Express Agency Ex-Troop Sleeper Boxcar 3-Pack
Made by: Ryan L.

2021-09-26 204518.jpg

Following the end of World War II, former Troop Sleepers would be bought and converted by the Railway Express Agency (REA) for express service. These cars lasted all the way up until the late 1960s, when many were sold to CRDX. Original model by Pwieser. 

Indian Valley Railroad Cabeese 2-Pack
Made by: ThatMLWFan

2022-10-02 203938.jpg

Two cabeese (cabooses) for Mad James' Indian Valley Route. Clean and dusty version included! Original model by Pwiser.

Fictional Avalice National Petroleum Tankcar 3-Pack
Made by: New York Central Nut

2021-09-27 233833.jpg

Something a little different - Our resident New York Central Nut created a fictional petroleum company in the universe of the game Freedom Planet. Original model by Fitz505.

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